Conveyor Structure Design

Conveyor structure design, belt conveyor systems for sale which is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, transportation, chemical.

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Belt Conveyor Systems

Worldwide, SBM is the major specialist for the design and manufacture of conveyor belt systems.
Most modern production facilities combined with an exemplary quality assurance system including ISO 9001 certification, as well as trail-blazing test equipment for practice-oriented product engineering, in connection with an experience in conveyor belt technology going back to an origin of several decades years ago, are the foundation of the highest level of economy of Phoenix conveyor belts.

Usage of Belt Conveyor

The belt conveyor can be used for horizontal transport or inclined transportation. It is very convenient to use, so widely application in modern industrial enterprises, such as: the underground tunnel of the mine, mine surface transportation system, the open pit mining production line and mineral processing plant.

Conveyor Structure Design

Conveyor Structure Design

The main structure of belt conveyor is include: conveyor belt, roller, cylinders and drive, braking, tension, redirection, loading, unloading, cleaning device.

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